Bradley Clousing has represented our company on three transactions over the last two years. To say the least, a large and sometimes complicated transaction can be daunting at times especially when negotiating terms. Bradley was instrumental and blew us away with the amount of knowledge, support and diligence he showed in getting us to the final goal in all three transactions. The portfolio of industry peers and connections make him and Senior Living Investment Brokerage, Inc. the best option in the seniors housing transactional space for liquidating or acquisitions of assets. Making the process and relationship we have built with Bradley even better is the personality that he brings to the table. One of the most laid back yet aggressive brokers I have ever met. Bradley is so easy to work with and has made our dealings and relationship a unique pleasure. We consider Bradley not only a peer and advocate, but a friend sharing the same passions for what we do every day.

Alex Salabarria, Oaks Senior Living

Brad has been instrumental in the growth of our company since 2006. We have purchased five assets from Brad and have appreciated his attention to detail, responsiveness, and ability to navigate through difficult and challenging negotiations. We look forward to working with Brad and the Senior Living team on the next transaction.

Dale Schooley, TJM Properties

Brad has been key part of growth and strategic planning since 2007. In this crowded field we have enjoyed working with Brad and have appreciated his attention to detail, honesty, and ability to keep a transaction on track from start to finish. We have had the opportunity to work with Brad on both the acquisition and disposition side of the business and have felt his involvement has been the key to getting a number difficult transactions to the finish line.

Alex Lopez, Senior Management Advisors